Danilo Bucchi

9 June - 9 October 2022


Danilo Bucchi (Rome, 1978) completed his studies in Rome, where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts where he focused on drawing, painting and photography techniques. The artist demonstrates from the beginning a firm desire to root his language in a world of signs that refers to the tradition of European abstraction of the first avant-gardes, using techniques and highly technological media.


With Blu Bucchi returns to narrate a substantial novelty towards a color with a high symbolic value, elaborated with the usual and meticulous attention to the chromatic ritual, to its impact on the clear white of the backdrops. A gestural consciousness that faces the rhythm and balance of the sign, capturing liquid values that only blue senses and supports with Mediterranean empathy, moving between the abstractions of the sky and the crystalline brilliance of water, adding the mysterious
mineral consciousness of blue, alchemical in its unstable motion of the tonal values, of the gemological depths, of the luminous games.