Three photographic portraits – a painter: Malevitch, a writer: Kafka, a mathematicians: Tesla – overhang a pile of coconuts in which wind instruments are inserted.

These are « les hérauts De la post-Histoire » (the heralds of Post-History), silent heralds who « support » the concept which is at the base of the artistic course of Braco Dimitrijevic, the concept – property – of Post-History he himself defines as a kind of « place without final truth, where vision is multiangular and where different values coexist ».
In the « Post-historical triptychs » he been realizing since the 70’s, the artist sketches out an esthetic model which is not based anymore on the clear division between Art, life (everyday life), and nature, but which is the harmonious synthesis of these three elements.

A synthesis Dimitrijevic succeeds to realize in his works, acting as a poet; in other words, he cancels the value and the common sense of each object exalting its capacities and its symbolic possibilities.

Selected works