16 January - 5 April 2014
Born in 1957 in Boston (Massachusetts). Lives and works in Newton (Massachusetts) and Turin (Italy). David Bowes was always a tireless traveler and reports in his works the subjects, the myths and the themes which personally influenced him in his creation and which he replaces in unreal and puzzling contexts, so building, with an incomparable meaning control, a real theater of the imagination.

Italy, which Bowes knows profoundly and, particularly Naples where he spent a fundamental period of his life, widely contributed to his formation as man and as artist. In the works exhibited at Piece Unique, we can see all these themes and significant influences both in the landscapes and still lives which Bowes considers almost at the same expressive level: the characters of the « Commedia dell’Arte », the flowers, the mountains, offer themselves to us with the lively colors of the acrylic and synthetic polymers.

On display are paintings of various sizes, works which plunge the spectator into an imaginary, apparently disordered universe but, at a closer look, full of metaphors of which the purpose consists of a set of references, as in an infinite mirror effect, intended to think about the reality and its traps with fantastic images.

« Back from Naples » is the natural continuation of the personal exhibition dedicated to Bowes by the Neapolitan foundation « Al Blu di Prussia” in the fall 2013. David Bowes comes back finally to Paris from a long absence with his eclectic and deep lightness.

Selected works

Exhibition views