« Anecdotes and legends which can be counted in tens feed this distorted relation between painting and reality. In the first one, a painter paints horses so real that real horses whinny when they see them; in an other one, they are birds who come to peck at fictitious grapes; in a third one, ravens try in vain to perch on the false tiles of a false roof; or they are false hares attracting real dogs, a small strawberry seedlind painted in a courtyard that peacocks try to catch or the portrait of a man « so good likeness » that dogs and cats of the house celebrate him as if he was their master.

In the most beautiful story among these, which resonances go much further than what we’ll talk about here, to become speculation on the reality of the world (and not only on the reality – or quality – of its representations) it’s the painter until he disappears where the small path disappears ».

Georges Perec

Selected works