24 March – 31 May 2018
Gallery Pièce Unique is delighted to announce the first personal show in Paris of Isabella Gherardi.

Gherardi has been working for more than 20 years on the theme of greenhouses and gardens she photographed throughout the world from France to Japan and Texas.
The originality of her works comes from the technique of photography linked to the drawing.

The subjects captured by her Hasselblad are then worked again in her studio marrying sophisticated collages, very fine drawings and light veils of colour. All this confers on the new image an aura of rarefaction. The reality is transfigured in a suspended and timeless atmosphere.

Gardens and greenhouses are themes which have inspired the sensitivity of many artists mainly since the nineteenth century thanks to the exoticism of colonies and the Japanese influence.

Monet used to say : « en dehors de la peinture et du jardinage, je ne suis bon à rien ! ». He shared this passion with Caillebotte with whom he used to exchange plants and rare flowers.

The composer Richard Wagner said about himself: « Being solely a man of art, I can only lead an artificial life, like a tropical flower in a conservatory ».
But then, is the artist like an exotic plant in a greenhouse who must live sheltered to bloom creatively and draw his inspiration from a reality filtered, protected, in the silence or in the rarefaction of his studio?

Either the subject of these works is the nature always more threatened. The greenhouse becomes then a metaphor of our life on earth always more indissolubly bound to the technology which feeds us.

Selected works

Exhibition views