Part II From 21 April until 29 May 2022
After having exhibited his works in 2018-2019 in a show entitled « Rhapsody in Red & Blue », Marussa Gravagnuolo and Christine Lahoud have the pleasure to present recent works by Jean Boghossian.

Born in Aleppo in 1949, Jean Boghossian is an abstract multidisciplinary artist whose artworks all bear, at different degrees, traces of burn degradation. Through the process of willful damage and the use of a blowtorch instead of a paintbrush, Boghossian raises the questions of what it means to create inextinguishable art with an invasive and violent, yet poetic method that intends to combine media by creating a construction through the deconstruction of flames.

Referring to his art, Jean Boghossian explains: « When I experienced fire, he became my partner, he tamed me, he chose me; I am his mediator, his revealer. Fire is a violent element, but I decide to use it out of its context. I make it constructive by manipulating it to make art. »

Selected works

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