17th December – 17th March 2010
n order to describe Marcello Cinque’s sculptures it is useful to divide the discourse in four main thematics: The technique, the form, the influence of the territory and the binomial lightness-concreteness.

The technique :
The new sculptures, exhibited at Galerie Pièce Unique in Paris, are made of rubber and a special elastic paint which is able to roll up, as if squeezed out of a tube of paint.

The form :
Like Renata Caragliano e Stella Cervasio notice, the molded forms “are, like one can say, post-lunar… real plastic constructions that occupy a measured space.”

In certain sculptures there is no comparison with nature. The spirals and the concentric and/or threadlike forms arouse in the spectator an envy of touching them in order to discover the mystery of their fascination.

At the opposite, in other works, the forms are organic and particularly drawn from nature. Coasts’ profiles, islands, cliffs or architectural elements.

The influence of the territory :
Some works are inspired from the region where the artists was born : Campania. The profiles of Capri and Sorrento make clear the connection between the Neapolitan artist and the country where he was born.

The binomial lightness-concreteness :
The works, all rigorously white and suspended from earth or on the wall, are light and aerial, but at the same time concrete. It is as if they contain in themselves a very peculiar space and a balance of their own.

It is spontaneous to associate the work of this young artist with the ones of Italian masters of the 60’s, like Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, Pino Pascali and Gino de Dominicis. These important artists, although very different one from the other, have in common a continuous research on space and forms.

And in fact that is exactly why Marcello Cinque fascinates, his willing, and capability, to experiment new materials and new forms.

Selected works

Exhibition views