16 March – 18 May 2002
After numerous personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad (among which the participation to the current exhibition «Forme di Pensiero» at the Vasby Konsthall of Stockholm), Marisa Albanese, Neapolitan artist, has chosen, for her first exhibition in France, to create for the space of Pièce Unique “Le Resistenze”, sculpture in steel and nickel (cm 313 x 10 x 10). Here after what she writes about it: “A tightened (red) string runs along my work. In this case, it is articulated in a synthetic composition: a pillar of resistances.

Defying the resistance of the matter and resisting while acting are expressions of love…

“Le Resistenze” fills and holds a dialogue with the space and the temperature.
The work builds itself, comes up and lives following a line: resistance conducting energy.
Through the mechanisms of the doing, of the perception of art and of the space it fills, the observer wonders on what the work calls for, what looks and what movements.

In “Le Resistenze”, energy goes through a string and moves in the space of the work while who is enjoying it
is stirred, attracted then rejected.

The work activates a doubt, an attraction, a movement, its “inside” devotes itself as the place of experiment of art;
its “outside”, the surrounding space, greets the shifting of the body and mind that the work suggests to the observer.

In this work, a pillar of electric resistances, happens to be the synthesis of the visual and mental crossings I have been exploring in my search, adding the attempt to make visible the creative energy that moves the hand and the mind of the artist.”

Selected works

Exhibition views