2 october – 13 december 2008
OLAF METZEL is one of the most important sculptors of the current German artistic scene.

He is also professor of sculpture at the Academy of Arts of Munich and has received numerous awards.

His works reflect his concern regarding dialectics between Individual and Society, History and Present and reject, in this way, the pure formal art.

He is known through his sculptures and installations. Several published books give the opportunity to understand his creation using other means such as drawing or photography.

At pièce unique, Olaf Metzel shows Red Party, an aluminium and plastic installation:

Stand-up tables, often decorated with coloured table-cloth, offer opportunity for conversation at art openings. After the event they are removed and picked up by a caterer.

Red Party deals with this situation and captures this moment like a film still. Bistro tables are cleared carelessly and compiled at random, some are deformed and knocked over, some are destroyed – the end of a party. The tablecloths are modeled as draperies made from red plastic, partly shifted, partly stacked or folded. Some tables could still be used by the gallery visitor: He could stand at the table, a glass in his hands.

The installation mediates between art and design, between functional structure and dissolving form – along with the different associations of the colour red. At daylight or illuminated at night, the installation will display a confusing effect ranging between a ready-made and the importance of material as an aesthetic category.

Selected works

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