21 January - 24 April 2021
Rachid Khimoune was born in France in 1953 in Decazeville (Aveyron) to parents of Berber origin. Graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1974, he first practiced painting before He turns to sculpture.

With his many monumental achievements, Rachid Khimoune, who has exhibited since 1975, is
represented in several museums, public collections in France and abroad.

« Memory has seized all the visual virtualities of limitless orality and this vital eclecticism translates, without evasions, the universality of a language resulting from a very personal shorthand of instinct.» Pierre Restany 1995.

« Seeing what you no longer see, looking differently, in magic and dreams » he says, this is what makes all the poetry of his work.

Selected works

Exhibition views