Tzinacàn – in Borges’ novel « The writing of the god » – is the magus of the pyramid of Raholon, locked up in a deep cricular prison divides by a wall. Beyond thar wall, his fellow in cell is a jaguar. Like in several writings of Borges, « the writing of the god » has the development of the stone when thrown in a pond : every circle has its own sense ( consequently subject to a singular interpretation ) but entrusts the following one with its possibilities of expansion.

« Tzinacàn » is the title of Silvio Merlino’s work, extracted from Borges novel. However the numerous references to the text do not express themselves in a cotation tout-court but appear through a compact network of ineluctable intertextual relations which concur to the foundation of a unique sens that qualifies the work in its accomplished representation.

Selected works