12 June – 20 September 2008
Works by leading British sculptor Angela Conner are to go on display at Galerie Pièce Unique, Paris, from 12 June – 20 September 2008.

Angela Conner is one of Britain’s most successful and celebrated sculptors. Her main body of work centers on the creation of vast sculptures that harness natural forces in a unique and subtle way. She considers these ‘environmental’ works, using natural elements such as gravity, wind, water, sun and shadow to add the movement that is so central to these sculptural forms.

As with Brancusi, her images sometimes appear, disappear and multiply, as in the case of Genesis. They are conceived in a variety of diverse materials such as stainless steel, marble dust, carbon fiber, resin, gold, silver, slate and glass.

The piece to go on show at GALERIE PIECE UNIQUE, 4 rue Jacques Callot is:

Homing– a floating circle wanders and curiously comes to rest in the exact centre of a pool
The pieces to go on show at GALERIE PIECE UNIQUE VARIATIONS, 26-28 rue Mazarine are:

Counterpoise – a white bonded marble disc divided into six horizontal curving shapes that are moved by wind. An increase of depth in a ying yang curve produces changing light and shade
Genesis – an air mobile in the form of a sphere made from a series of flat circular rings
A maquette of Conner’s work Corona – this small sculpture is a working wind sculpture, precursor to a large version
Poise – a miniature of a large version of this wind mobile
Angela’s work spans both intimate and vast sculptures, and also includes intimate bronze portraits of the biggest personalities of our time, including Lucian Freud, Queen Elizabeth II and Général De Gaulle. Her work is held in numerous private and public collections internationally, including Arts Council England, the National Portrait Gallery, the Sculpture Gallery at Chatsworth, 10 Downing Street and the Carnegie Museum of Modern Art in Pittsburgh, among others. This will be the first time that Angela has exhibited her works in Paris.

Selected works

Exhibition views