n the dictionary of rhetoric and stylistics it is written at calembour (pun): « play on words based on the phonic and semantic ambiguity and on the double sense of a term. Particulary active in advertising language ».

« Jalousie » (jealousy) is the calembour Ben Jakober & Yannick Vu has created for the window of Pièce Unique: 22 knives – of very great dimension – form a screen (jealousy) and, at the same time, keeping their shape/function intact, evoke the crime of passion.

However, the most interesting characteristic of this work is not in the game of the double sense of the word but in its advertising « spirit ». That is particulary evident – even if it seems banal – in the utilization of the window which, in a space such as Pièce Unique, is the fundamental element of communication. And then, in having reached that this vehicle of communication coincides – is – with the work or better with the unique piece.

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