12 December- 28 February 2003
American artist Beverly Pepper was born in New York in 1922 and has been living between New York and Todi -Italy- for more than 50 years. Her monumental sculptures are made with such different materials as bronze, cast iron and steel.

Gallery Pièce Unique, wishing to pay homage to this great artist on the eve of her 80th birthday, has chosen to present sculptures from the 70’s which have never been shown before in Paris.
At the end of the 60’s Beverly Pepper started to move toward geometrical shapes in polished stainless steel with a mirror finish, shapes whose voids appear solid, while the mirror-finished elements reflect the surroundings, kind of frames being at the same time mirrors capturing emptiness and reflecting it through the different pitches of the surfaces.
In the small sculptures, there is a more intimate and contemplative dimension, inviting the viewer to enter into an inner world filled with memory.

PIECE UNIQUE will exhibit in the rue Jacques Callot gallery “Bracciano”, a wooden sculpture of 1970 and at PIECE UNIQUE VARIATIONS, rue Mazarine, small sculptures in stainless steel .

Selected works