« Package 1969″ is an archetype: it is, in the platonic sense of the word, an original and ideal model.

This object, deprived of a recognizable shape, is not a prototype, not the first wrapping realized by Christo, but the work in which the conjugation of the being and the doing is perfectly realized, in which the structure – which in this case coincides with the material, with the foldable ductility of this tarpaulin (here used for the first time) – fits, or better is, the « in itself » of the work.

The philosophical dimension of Christo’s work lies exactly in this consonance between the « in itself » of the work and the « for himself » of the spectator.

However, Art does not put questions nor does it give responses, but it can get the sense of our questions, considering not only the sense which corresponds to the words, to the sentences and to the known things but rather « veiling » our evidences with doubt.
The textile/structure of « Package 1969″ is the renunciation of the affirmation of an absolute exteriority: a light diaphragm which separates the object from its sight and makes it again – with new eyes – visible.