16 December 2004 - 12 March 2005
After scientific studies, Cyrille André attends the Art School of Paris and Grenoble, where he learns sculpture. At the beginning, he sculpts animals which he imagines in four parts: the forequarters, the hindquarters, the body and the neck corresponding to the most important articulations. Here is his bestiary of very large-scale sculptures which parts are hold by tenons and slots, in movement or outspread on the floor in a disarticulated relaxing.

Cyrille André’s wood sculptures refuse the classical ideas of beauty : he presents us undefinable animals, men or women without face. Their dimensions share in creating the mystery which wraps these works, they are not heroes and still their monumental size has a holy something. The use of chain saw to create the incisions and the rough surfaces on the finished forms gives vitality and humanism (humanity) to his creations.

The represented postures refer to the waiting, to the human isolation. Men are Gardiens (guardians), women, under umbrella or taking a dog for a walk. Animals seem to be here just to emphasize the loneliness of these sculptures, locked in their lead clothes.

Selected works

Exhibition views