June 2nd - September 15th 2005
Born in 1957 in Boston (USA). Lives and works in Newton (Massachusetts)

The paintings of David Bowes are characterized by his multiple sources which come from art history and History in a broad sense as well as from a more or less reinvented mythology. That is how he moves from the medieval chivalrous culture to classic India passing by landscapes which may remind of Africa. It is then interesting to observe through his works the examples of both contamination and cultural eclecticism he uses to immerse us in a fairy universe.

In his most recent works, we can find again his game of relocation where constructions, customs and feasts of one part of the world are placed in the opposite hemisphere: a pagoda built in an American town, plants and native transplanted in another part of the earth, ceremonies, traditions that, by the means of journeys, oral culture and globalization of the industry, are all relocated from East to West and vice versa. Like pollen in the wind.

For the space of PIECE UNIQUE the artist, in his painting “La Belle Epoque”, sets in the middle of a scarcely sketched rural scene, the figure of a hussar riding a cock. A vision full of humor of the French national emblem.

David Bowes taught at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. This is his second exhibition in France, at the gallery Pièce Unique.

Selected works