19 September – 16 November 2014
born respectively in 1952 in Hollywood (California) and in 1958 in Syracuse (New York). Live and work in Dublin and New York.

Starting from September 18th, Marussa Gravagnuolo and Christine Lahoud will present at 4,rue Jacques Callot -in tribute to Lucio Amelio, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his death – a painting realized by the artists for the exhibition which took place in Naples in 1986.

David McDermott and Peter McGough met at the beginning of the 80s in the New York artistic scene. Close to Julian Schnabel and having frequented Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, they quickly took part to the effervescency of the New York artistic scene of that time.

If their approach to photography leans on the appropriation of images and objects of the end of the 19th century, they remain, in their life, authentic, sophisticated, erudite and impertinent artists who are able to completely dive in the period which suits them best: the Victorian one. Together, they lead to “experiment time” in New York and Dublin.

As their lifestyle, the works so photographic as painted by McDermott and McGough illustrate this total refusal to live in our « present ». Their constant concern of authenticity finds itself in the subjects and the styles which they resuscitate, in the antidating of their works in accordance with the represented scenes, as well as in the techniques and supports of their creation: photographs taken with a device of the beginning of the century, cyanotypes, palladium or gum prints which will be exhibited at Pièce Unique Variations.

Selected works

Exhibition views