15 December 2011 – 3 March 2012
Born in 1955 in Sgurgola (Lazio Region, Italy). Lives and works in Rome.

After his studies at the Fine Art Academy in Rome, Domenico Bianchi made his entrance into the art world in 1977 on occasion of his first solo exhibition for Ugo Ferranti at the Fine Art Building in New-York. For this first personal show, he presented about twenty drawings of wax, cardboard, wood and canvas.

In the 80’s, he is one of the emerging artists of the so-called « New Roman School”, and he exhibits along together with the Arte Povera artists. – Kounellis, Mario et Marisa Mertz, Paladino, Pistoletto…- Their artistic approaches influence his studies of spatiality. The light became a constituent part of his work, and through the practice of the wax, the medium he has chosen, he displays the same process on either work: successive layers of wax make appear a thoroughly predefined central motif, formed with lines and interlaces. As a result of this process, “the shape of the artwork is not submitted to an ideal geometry, an abstract project, but allows itself to be determinated by the technique: the exclusive color of a particular substance or the characteristic proper to a given material can therefore be sufficient to motivate the specific structural reason of each picture».

In 1992, he participates in the 3rd Biennale of Istanbul and in the collective show Terrae Motus organized by Lucio Amelio at the Reggia di Caserta. Since then, his works has been presented in numerous personal exhibitions in famous European museums such as the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (1994), the MACRO in Rome (2003)…

At the Gallery Piece Unique, is shown a large composition in blue made of wax and fibberglass. As always the central area is occupied by a spherical motif finely composed with lines and curves. This central element is the reference point which catches and concentrates the eye, and confers a formal stability to the artwork.

At Piece Unique Variations, Domenico Bianchi exhibits smaller sized works, and works on wood and works on paper. The principal of serial modulation that is at the core of his artistic approach is here deployed on different media, the paper, the wax on fiberglass and the wood, “formulations which have their own material, distinctive and substantive life but share a commune genealogy.

Selected works

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