After the great retrospective exhibitions dedicated to him these last months (IVAM of Valencia, Reina Sofia museum of Madrid, the Guggenheim of Bilbao), Chillida has chosen to show at Galerie Pièce Unique this « Gravitation » of cm. 112 x 127 in which one can recognize the strength and the singularity of this major artist whose works vary from the monumental to the extremely delicate.

« Chillida’s gravitations are reliefs and should be understood as such. Reliefs provide a kind of laboratory, a place where the sculptor puts his own specific weapons to the test. At the outset, the sculptor has no other instrument than the line in order to overcome matter. His line however ( in contrast to that of the painter ), does not evoke a feigned space; it acts as a limit, commanding where the solid matter ends and the air begins, defining the boundary between the form and its movement ( as in the altar at Pergamum ).
( Tomás Llorens )

« The first line, the womb of all forms, is the horizon; the (other) first line is the vertical line of our body standing looking in the distance. »
( Chillida : Elogio del Horizonte )

Selected works