« Pièce Unique » seems to sit naturally on the territory of representation. No evident enigma inhabits the work: it is a series of images which are set in a chess-pattern and tell – show – the unique pieces which have lived this same space previously.

The geometry governs the space of the work designates – or draws – each image as a nucleus that opens, keeps or closes a moment of the narrative, but, at the same time, indicates their complementary and circumstantial value. The transparent material rejects the paralysis of the point of view, the interest of recognizing; it moves away the throught of representation evoking « the idea of a continuous becoming of a possible space ». Nevertheless, here, the space of the work is only – as the artist explains it – the model of the space which receives it, and Time, reaffirming a circular dimension dear to Paolini, is not memory but lack of time, or, better, incessant actuality.

Selected works