Jonathan Grego (born in London in 1976). Lives and works in Bordeaux. Jonathan Grego is an artist of unlimited creativity who refuses to see the world in a cynical way. Anything is possible: through a surprise factor in his paintings he points out that there is more to reality than what we consider. He stresses the fact that the world, just like a story, has many different points of view.

His paintings picture humoristic reflections on culture and society in the broadest sense, whose story lines leave freedom of interpretation to the spectator. Gregos analytical qualities help him point out the ironies of everyday life.

We can identify a certain appreciation for what is human made: Cities and culture. His profound trust in humanity offers us a consoling point of view on ourselves "After all, we're not that bad" while aiming to dissolve the contradiction of serious and naive.

His trademark is a stylized character, anonymous, that wanders the world and presents a reference of identification to anyone. Sometimes found in landscapes, cityscapes or abstract surroundings, he takes away memories, impressions and ideas, and leaves behind an alternative reality.

Over the course of many years of painting and experimenting, Grego developed his authentic style removing a part of the canvas in order to reinsert it into the picture. Adding another dimension to Surrealism while throwing expressionism and pop art into the mix. Wondering about our impact, lightheaded and profound at the same time. Grego, the funny irresponsible.

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