9 February – 7 March 2004
While so many young artists abandon their initial medium to go into photography and video, Laurent Delarozière accomplishes the opposite process.

Having started as fashion photographer and realized short films, he then decided to use painting as medium with a desire of unicity and to liberate himself from some constraints.

Using a contemporary imagery, he exerts himself on showing the backstage of a work, on linking the unicity of the support – the non-reproductibility of a canvas – with the computerized, photographic, and video techniques.

“Every picture can be considered as a video monitor, a television which transmits images of young persons having in common the search of recognition, and even a certain form of celebrity, with the sensation that the closest one gets to the medium and the more things appear unreal and factitious.” (Laurent Delarozière)

Knowing that the more an object is far away and the more the image we catch of it belongs to the past (because of the velocity of light), one has sometimes to step back in front of an image to seize, not only its globality, but also the delicacy of the detail, as paradoxical this can seem.

“Supralumen – Tokyo” is a group of works that yields to this paradox, acrylic portraits of charismatic persons descended from a digital universe.

Opening Reception: Saturday 7 February from 9 p.m. to midnight