Louise Bourgeois never accepted the rules and the usual mechanisms of the Art system. Though one of the words is anger, her works – and her words – look much more like audacious pages ( sometimes subversive ) of a diary than heavy punches in the stomach: « My sculpture allows me to live again my fear and give her a body so I can stand away from her. Fear becomes a reality easy to handle. » « When I was young, all the women of my house used to sew and I was fascinated by the needles, by their magical powers. The needle is used to repair a damage: it is as if it apologizes, without hurting as pins do ».

« I appreciate very much the mechanisms of seduction. I tell myself : « Louise, how will you do to seduce this stone and change it into an art work? » I am talking in terms of seduction because the resistance of the marble is almost total. Resistance attracts me ». « For me the sculpture is the body. My body is my sculpture ». (Louise Bourgeois)

Selected works