5 MARCH - 24 MAY 2015
Marussa Gravagnuolo and Christine Lahoud will present, in the two spaces of the gallery at rue Jacques Callot and rue Mazarine, the new artworks of Ma Dan. The exhibition at Pièce Unique gallery is the first solo show in Europe for the Chinese and promising young artist.

Ma Dan is an emerging Chinese artist born in 1985 in Yunnan Province. She obtained in 2011 a master’s degree in Yunnan University Institute of Arts. Ma Dan’s works have been exhibited in the United States, Taiwan, and Beijing and at other major international art fairs.

Ma Dan’s paintings construct an atmosphere of ineffable tranquility almost like in a dream. This atmosphere leads the viewer into the artist’s innocence and glistening green idyllic world that only comes from Ma Dan’s native Yunnan sceneries, and even more from her many exotic beautiful dreams. With delicate brush strokes, Ma Dan restores her dreams to its original form. This way of treating sceneries reminds us of the works of Henri Rousseau, who also painted luxuriant tropical vegetation with a kind of dreamlike atmosphere, drawing us back to memories of ancient times. In Ma Dan’s works we can find the same “primitivism”, freedom and innocence of that world created by Rousseau and, later on, by Dalí, Miró and surrealist painters.

Selected works

Exhibition views