31 May 2012- 8 September 2012
MARCELLO CINQUE is born in Naples (Italy) in 1968. He lives and works in Sassari (Sardinia).

In his monochrome sculptures, white, black, red or blue, Marcello Cinque experiments new materials such as elastic paint and sponge rubber. This material, being able to wrap and roll around itself as if squeezed out of a thick tube of paint, can create real “post-lunar” forms which nullify the laws of gravity.

But Marcello Cinque’s visual research often comes from a directory of organic forms from nature. The artist is inspired particularly from the region where he was born, Campania, and the coast and depths of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

For his second solo exhibition at Galerie Piece Unique, Marcello Cinque has chosen to immerse us in the depths of the sea bed.

At the GALERIE PIECE UNIQUE, the artist presents a large scale black octopus whose wavy tentacles are spread, filling almost the entire space. The particular texture of the sculpture perfectly reproduces the feeling of floating matter. Both dense and light the work actually seems suspended between two waters, as if the large window in the gallery represents an enormous aquarium.

At the GALERIE PIECE UNIQUE VARIATIONS there is a series of works being exposed, of medium and large size, which decline the marine elements in monochrome sculptures that are more or less abstract: here a big white boat, there a group of dolphins …

In this exhibition where each work disrupts the relationship between volume and weight, Marcello Cinque reveals a world of strange and familiar forms at once. And « One feels like touching them to discover their interior qualities and find a definition for them in the real world »

Selected works

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