16 December 2004 – 12 March 2005
Born 1939 in Florence (Italy). Lives and works in Florence and in the South of Baden (Germany).

Since the middle of the sixties, Nannucci has been developing a work about the relationship between language, image and reality, between natural and artificial and their linguistic, conceptual and perceptive aspects.

This questioning about the problem of significations and representations lead to an “intermediatic” work from photography to performance, passing by audiovisual media, techniques of printing, sound and electronical music, video, artist’s book as well as big neon installations.

Nannucci belongs to a little number of international artists of the last decades who, with their works gave up an esthetical and radical transformation of reality.

In 1967 he realized the neon texts which allow a work of installation where not only writing, colour and space are concerned, but also the light which intensity gives to a text a plastic and immaterial quality.

The neon helps the interactions with the space. This is why Nannucci has been interested by the relation between the work and the architecture.

He made many neon installations in cooperation with Renzo Piano, Massimiliano Fuksas, Mario Botta, Stephan Braunfels…

For the exhibition at Piece Unique Gallery, Maurizio Nannucci has specially created a bicoloured neon work where blue and red neon alternates: one day red, one day blue changing intensity.

The light fields the space and shifts its perception offering a visual single experience where memory is laced with signification.

Maurizio Nannucci has participated several times to the Biennals of Venice (Italy), Sidney, Sao Paulo, Instanbul, Valencia and at Documenta Kassel.

Selected works