May 31 - September 21 2001
Pat Steir, American artist born in the New Jersey in 1940, has been a protagonist of the art world for 30 years now. Her works are henceforth part of prestigious public collections such as MOMA and Guggenheim in New York, the Whitney and Metropolitan Museum of New York, the National Gallery of Washington and the Tate Gallery in London….

Pat Steir will be presenting at PIECE UNIQUE and at PIECE UNIQUE VARIATIONS with the title: Waterfall of Dreams , paintings on canvas realized during the last four years or the last four months : luminous and flat stratifications of humours and memories , silver grey tinted or golden, green, black or white fields on which color flows out in droplets or vertical filaments, synthetic images, refined, simple by choice and appropriation.

The impression of simplicity is the result of a long, tiring work of deepening. I paint waiting for the right moment, the exact instant. she explains. Pollock’s dripping, in her works, is combined with the memory of Nature: The relation between the landscape and the Chinese painting of the XI century was very important for me.Like the tiny monk who often appears in these works, I dive in the landscape and then, break away from it in order to meditate it in the distance.What I am interested in is paint its sense, its essence. I learned a lot from this technique. I learnt to know myself, to support my changes.

The theme of water, recurrent since the mid 80’s , underlines this condition of unceasing passage, of transformation. But there, once more, the artist declares her trouble to define with words a work that is meant as a synthesis of images. She says: There are two kinds of Art: One shows you things you’ve never seen before, the other one (where my art belongs) makes you see the same things with a different eye.

It is in this particular balance between abstraction and figuration, between mental project and sensual effects where resides the clue to her search.

Selected works