9 June – 30 September 2011
Born in Athens, to a Greek father and a Hungarian mother, Sophia Vari spent part of her childhood in Switzerland, studied in England and France, and lives nowadays between New-York, Paris and Pietrasanta. Internationally reknown as a painter and a sculptor, Sophia Vari has exhibited in prestigious institutions, and her monumental sculptures are present in the major cities of the world.

For this new personal exhibition at the gallery PIECE UNIQUE, the artist wished to pay tribute to her native land with a series of artworks named I Love Greece.

Because, even if Sophia Vari has evolved in the richest artistic circles and the most diverse cultures, the Greek artistic heritage, the antique statuary, the sculptures of Cyclades as well as « this solar gift of the Mediterranean » * have durably inhabited her works.

Therefore, Sophia Vari will be showing at PIECE UNIQUE, a circular bronze “Hélios” sculpture reminding a big sun.

This solar representation can be retraced in the gallery PIECE UNIQUE VARIATIONS, through a round painting bearing the colors of Greece. Around it, a set of white monochrome bronzes, decline their simple and harmonious lines through a combination of curvilinear elements and plans. However, this time, it is the white color that the artist has chosen to cover her abstract sculptures.

Finally, a series of watercolors on paper and on canvas, completes the group introducing a touch of color in the timeless atmosphere which emanates from these monochromes in bronze.

At the same time and until September 11th, 2011, is held the exhibition Sophia Vari, Forma y Color where fifteen monumental sculptures by the artist are presented on the famous artery of Madrid Paseo de la Castellana.

Selected works

Exhibition views