Born in 1940 in Vari near Athens Lives and works in Paris and Pietrasanta in Italy

Figurative at her beginnings as sculptress in 1975, Sophia Vari gradually finds an intense plentitude in freeing herself from the subject in order to measure herself against Time and Space. She discovers with passion the structure of the planes, the monumental.

Her forms becom tangled, gather themselves, soar skywards, kink, unfold in extension, merge in ease.

As Greek, she refuses what is approximate and her sense of perfection leads her to a rigour in her studies and search (her numerous journeys incite her to).

Though abstract, her sculptures keep from her original land a certain classicism. In that due to the choise of the materials, bronze or marble? Or to these sensual curves with sharp edges? Or to this innate sense of proportion, of equilibrium? Maube to these alveolar breaches where shadows and light play on the matter? Or to these volumes which mix harmoniously or violently, struggle, passion?

But since she started to paint some bronzes or marbles, a great lightness emerges from her sculptures. Was she a young creator, one could say she follows fashion. Instead, this simplification towards the essential is the originality of maturity.

Her works reflects her personality: tension and power, sensivity and life.

Selected works