June 10th 2005 - July 8th 2005
Born in 1964 in London, lives and works in Roma. Friday 10th of june in the space of Norbert Salenbauch opens the solo show of sculptures and drawings of Tristano di Robilant curated by the gallery Piece Unique.

The artist has created a suggestive and emotive landscape, where the glimmers and colours of the ceramics sing a music which is both innocent and contemporary; almost a sound of distant islands, allusive glimpses of a land without evil, before man, before paradise, in a time that doesn’t know « l’escaton », the end.

The sculptor has created forms that reveal themselves musically; one has to have a heart so inclined to listen to these delicate notes of an art not sought, not found, but that manifests itself as a natural necessity.

Giovanni di San Bagio

Selected works