March 24th 2005 – May 21st 2005
Born in 1964 in London, lives and works in Roma. For the five years anniversary of Piece Unique Variations, the gallery asked Tristano di Robilant to show a series of new works on paper and canvas for his first exhibition in Paris. This set of drawings takes on an exceptional character because, even in Italy, the audience is used to see more often his painted wood or bronze sculptures.

The drawings and paintings have in common with his sculptures the organic forms, curiously familiar. Geometrical figures are often juxtaposed with mountainous or urban landscapes, a way for Tristano di Robilant to reinvent reality, to make us discover his imaginary universe.

One could see there only children’s drawings and it is in fact the real, simple, light part of the childhood Tristano di Robilant preserved and which comes out from his work.

By combining watercolour, acrylic and ink, these views are synthetically described : large black lines on white background and bright colours in large flat tints. He brings back from each of his numerous journeys new elements to be inserted in his canvas so we can always find architectural parts (houses, doors, temples, windows…) of which he only keep the absolutely necessary line : the image in its pure state. This opposition between the precision of the line, its efficiency and the colouring of these images creates the poetry of his works, this shift between our vision of reality and the vision of a creator of fabulous.

Selected works

Exhibition views