4 June - 6 September 2014
Born in 1947 in Kriens (Luzern), Switzerland. Lives and works in Munich, Germany. Considered as one of the biggest representatives of the conceptual art, Urs Lüthi mastered, during his artist’s career, all the forms of representation. Since the famous self-portraits of the 70’s in passing successively by the painting, the sculpture, the installation and the video, Lüthi pursues the existential exploration in a continuous and coherent way through the dialogue with his invented alter-ego. Moreover it is always his own image which the artist uses not for the real-life experience in itself but as meaning instrument.

The power of the works of Lüthi appears perfectly in his most recent ones which Galerie Pièce Unique is going to exhibit throughout the summer 2014. He returns towards his double with the bronze heads of « Four Times a Loser » (Pièce Unique – 4, rue Jacques Callot), and the small figures surmounted by big graphics of « Lost Direction » (Pièce Unique Variations- 26, rue Mazarine). The deep reflection of Lüthi rests on the between the individual and the general and is underlined here by the dissonant relation between the solemnity of the monument and the almost comic irony of the expression, between the eternity of the means and the fleetingness of the mime.

The need to find his own way towards happiness expressed in « Lost Direction » meet an ideal complement in « Direction East », a series of photographic works being a part of the vast thematic project » Art is the Better Life « , that became a mark of the artist during the last years. Art is, for Lüthi, the only bearable form of life, the only domain where one can realize his dreams. « Direction East » indicates that it is time to look somewhere else that the pre-constitued utopias to which we are every day exposed.

The works of Urs Lüthi are part of the most important collections of contemporary art. In 2001, he represented Switzerland at the 49th Venice Biennial. He will exhibit at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, as part of “L’Etat du Ciel –Partie 3” from 6 June to 7 September 2014.

Selected works

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