4 October – 22 November 2003
The gallery Pièce Unique, celebrating her 15th anniversary, presents in her two spaces, 4, rue Jacques Callot and 26, rue Mazarine, as well as at FIAC art fair, a solo exhibition of the renowned artist she has been following and representing in France for several years : Yayoi Kusama.

Her works is frequently associated to artistic movements like Pop Art, Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism but remains deeply original.

Yayoi Kusama, though she can pride on having a long and prolific artistic career, succeeds, once again, in surprising and destabilizing us with her two new series of paintings and drawings.
The representation has diametrically changed. Her subjects are women, depicted with an extremely graphic way, they “fluctuate” in a field where the artist gives no spatial references .
Movement assumes always a great importance. A kind of hallucination, the movement is perceived like vibration in her paintings, like a vortex or a gulf in her installations ( plays of mirrors, textures, phallus-like protrusions…), and carries, in her last works, the characters in a sort of dance.
All different in the slightest detail, her “Girls”, seem all equal on a hierarchical field : they seem to form a coalition…
May be a tribute to the artist’s socially engaged past ?
Only one of her figurines takes up a privileged place : her alter-ego. In the centre of the composition, she conducts her characters’ choreography. As for her installations and performances, the artist’s presence is an integral and not dissociable part of her works.

She welcomes us in her universe, she gives us the tempo of her dance…

Selected works