« L’Oro di Napoli »

14 March - 18 May 2024
His main medium is large format painting. He also uses acrylic enamels on rigid, hot-polished supports (dibond, aluminum, penboard) on which he works by inserting other materials such as gold leaf or small objects.

Palms, cacti, bamboo, agaves, philodendrons: the lushness of the Mediterranean crystallized in paintings that gold transforms into icons. The work of Danilo Ambrosino is the narration of an enchanted garden, a reminder of the Italian “Grande Bellezza” which mixes Bysantium and the Arab world, the tradition of Neapolitan painting of Still Life and the Pop of contemporary creativity. But it is above all the intelligence of plants that stands out, their immutable journey through centuries and geographies, their art of always appearing attractive within a poetic narrative that never runs out.

The amazement of the herbariums gives way to floral triumphs and painting becomes the messenger of an ecologism devoid of pain, a joyful ecologism which recognizes plants as prima donnas who know how to oppose their grace to the exhaustion of the world; The painting takes shape, it loses its two-dimensionality to become the living part of a dream, of an ideal. No element got carried away, everything was tamed and formed a balance of shapes. However, the wild side appears and we are overwhelmed by the light. If they were words instead of leaves, they would be huge, bright haikus. Each painting, like a piece of a secret representation, composes a unique interior landscape. And in the end, the nature of the plants represented does not matter: beyond the botanical vision, they inevitably become the mirror of our intimate emotions and the threshold to another possible world.

This exhibition “L’Oro di Napoli” curated by Alessandra Pacelli, consists of a body of medium and large-sized works on the subject of Mediterranean flora.
The works are created using the technique of fusing enamels on a background of gold leaf. This latest work by Danilo Ambrosino was recently exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, the Botanical Gardens of Naples and Palermo and the Cerio Foundation
of Capri.

Selected works

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